Is smart lock the new reality? See everything you need to know

smart lock

Is smart lock the new reality? See everything you need to know

With each passing day, technology is advancing and offers several advantages for all of us in many aspects of our lives, whether in relation to work, leisure, practicality and, of course, safety.

For the doors of homes, offices and any other location that requires greater security, technology has also advanced and, today, it is possible to find smart door locks that offer some advantages for those who install it. Having maximum security is one of the most important factors in life, especially when it comes to our home, which is where our family members and people we love are located and we always want maximum protection, so this type of lock is the alternative that is on the rise.

It is a technology that allows two devices to connect to a bridge in an agile way. Among them, the use of mobile devices stands out, with the attributes and capacity in the application, in addition to its tools, the use of magnetic cards is also not ruled out. And what has been very hot in the market and always makes us imagine that we are one step away from the futuristic universe is the use of fingerprints as a form of access.

Smart lock operation

To make it easier for you to understand how this product works, let’s talk a little more about it and then you’ll see how beneficial it can be.

This type of lock only allows access to the place when a card – or other forms of access – that is connected to it and even your smartphone, which is able to instantly unlock the door, is approached by bringing the device.

In addition, some models are compatible with both the smartphone and the card, and some also offer the option of opening the lock with traditional keys, in case any of the devices are lost.

Another important fact about how they work is that these locks have the option to revoke any access whatsoever, at any time, so if your smartphone or card is lost or stolen, it will not be able to be used to open your door .

See some of the advantages of using a smart lock

One of the problems with traditional doors is the keys and their terrible ease of loss, and each member of the household needs to have at least one copy of each. With smart locks, access release is more efficient, through biometrics, codes or passwords typed in the lock itself, facial recognition and other ways that do not require the use of traditional keyrings.

Different scenarios for each access

Something very smart that this lock offers for the environment and for people who choose to install them in their home are the different scenarios for each person who has this access.

For example, when a specific person enters the house they can choose a lamp that will light up at the same time they open the door. This works in different ways for each resident, just choose which room you want to have clarity when entering.

Timecard operation

If you have an employee in your house, he will have access to this lock too, which will work as a timecard.

For example, if this employee has to enter work at 9:00 am and leave at 4:00 pm, he will only have access to the environment at these times. In the case of employees who work only once a week, they will only have access on that day and respective hours. But, if there is a need for an employee to enter the residence outside these times and days, you can release this access by your cell phone even if you are not at home.

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How do they work?

Smart locks are usually easy to install, like an ordinary lock, with the difference that it must be connected to electricity. Some models already have their own battery, providing greater safety to the user in case of a power outage.

There are different ways of operation. In the model with presence sensor, the lock uses a device that is recognized by signal reading, opening the door. Devices with biometrics, on the other hand, operate with a database installed in the base during the application of the equipment at the door. This information includes the fingerprint or palm of the hand of the household’s residents. Some devices also have a numeric password as a form of backup, in case the data system fails.

Smart locks: innovation and security for your home

 Safety is our home’s top priority. Due to the increasing technological development in the world today, we can see the emergence of various applications and equipment, such as smart locks , capable of offering even more security to our home.

Smart locks offer many benefits and advantages. When it comes to security, we need to seek innovative solutions to meet the needs of our daily lives, and in this matter, the company Papaiz offers the best products on the market.

Check out our post until the end, understand the concept of technological security and clear all your doubts about smart locks.

Smart locks: what are they and why are they important?

Smart locks are more modern models of locks that have state-of-the-art technological benefits and features related to security. In general, they offer digital and manual functions, in which the user can open doors through cards, voice sensor, digital passwords, through applications, among other related features.

The idea, however, is to offer even more security to homes. That’s why Papaiz locks use the best raw materials and technology to protect your assets and your family.

By bringing security, it is possible to offer comfort, because when we are safe we ​​can enjoy comfort. Not to mention the tranquility that technology can offer us, such as opening the door without having to use keys, for example.

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